What's Facebook Portal Go and Portal Plus & Prices

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What's Facebook Portal Go and Portal Plus & Prices

Mark zuckerberg, 9-22-2021

Today, I'm excited to announce two new Portal devices, Portal Go and an all new Portal Plus. Portal Go has a ten inch screen, and as our first battery powered Portal portability has been one of our most requested features almost since the beginning, people have told us stories about how they're using extension cords spring Portal to the middle of their living room. And Portal Go solve that problem for you in a lot of ways. Portal has always been about enabling freedom of movement, starting with a smart camera that makes it so you can move around, and then the Portal just keeps you in view.

And now we're going to extend that to Portal go to this notion of freedom of movement, the ability to walk around or use your hands.

That's important to all the products that we're building, including Quest and the new Rayban smart glasses that we just announced. So we designed Portal Go so you can keep the conversation going even when you're moving around from room to room. It's got an integrated handle and a long lasting battery. So let me show you what this looks like. This is the new Portal Go with the ten inch screen and and you can see the handle and it's easy to move around and it's got the charging station on the bottom for charging it, but you don't have to, but you don't have to have it plugged in the whole time.

It has a nice big big battery as well. Alright, so Portal Go is going to be an exciting addition to the Portal line up, but we also know that people like bigger screens as well. At the same time, we are also introducing this new device, the Portal Plus, which you can see here. Portal plus comes with a 14 inch HD tilting display. It's got a compact design that fits everywhere from your desktop to your kitchen counter.

The screen size here lets you participate in a larger group calls better since you can see more people. So I like using this one for bigger family gatherings or when I'm just hanging out with friends or playing games or doing a remote dinner or something like that. Portal Go is starting at $199 and Portal Plus is starting at $349 and you can preorder both starting today on the Portal website and they're going to start shipping in the next month.

So we are also announcing some new software and experiences as part of these, including household mode, Portal for Business, which includes things like support for Microsoft and support for things like Microsoft teams to make it even easier to connect with friends, family and colleagues.

So the household mode is going to be a new way to share your portal with anyone in your home.

There can be multiple people and by enabling access to apps and and contacts that you want to share and this is going to come to all of our Portal touch based devices starting in October. We're also updating the Watch Together experience. You can view Facebook Watch content with other people while you're on a messenger call. Even if only one of the people is on a portal, your friends are going to be able to do this when you're on Portal and they're on a phone or tablet or laptop as well.

While WhatsApp calls on Portals have always been intend encrypted, we are now also rolling out Intend encryption for messenger calls for individuals and any context that you choose to call.

In addition, we're also going to make WhatsApp a multi device support available in the coming months too. On the work side, we are introducing features that are going to help people collaborate a bit better. The first is Portal for Business and that's a service for small businesses to easily deploy and manage different Portal devices. So small business owners are going to be able to create and manage work accounts for their teams. And that's a new type of account that allows businesses to use their own company email addresses to set up their portals.

Second, we're also going to be adding support for Microsoft teams, which now join other collaboration tools that are already supported on portal like Zoom, Webex, Blue jeans, and some more. So overall, I'm really excited about all these products. They're going to help improve teams ability to collaborate and communicate and connect remotely. And this kind of follows on the work rooms announcement that we just had recently in our longer term work on workplace as well to build more of a suite for collaboration at work as well as the consumer social products that we build.

So those are the updates that I wanted to share today for Portal lineup.

I'm excited to get these into your hands soon have used products are all kind of connected to this future that I've been talking about. Trying to build around. This idea of the Metaverse and being present with each other is going to be the defining quality of the Metaverse. There are going to be a lot of ways to feel the sense of presence and to be together in digital spaces, from virtual reality to augmented reality to great video calling and more. And Portal is going to be a gateway for a lot of people to jump into some of these experiences right from their home or office or wherever they have it.

All right. Well, when it comes to the Metaverse, we're going to have a lot more to share at the end of this month at Facebook Connect. So I just want to thank everyone for joining today and I hope to see you all soon.