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A Absol shirt representing Absol

Are you looking for an obscure Absol shirt to highlight your passion for Pokemon ?

Do you love Absol and want to wear it everyday? Then this Absol shirt is what you need.

Representing Absol summoning the power of his Perish Song attack, this garment radiates a feeling of power and devastation.

It will remind you of the importance of always being on your guard and perfectly trained as a Pokemon trainer.

Absol shirt flocked in the colors of Pokemon.

Made for a complete design, optimal comfort and a fitted cut.

Characteristics of this shirt

  • High weight : quality t-shirt for sustainable use
  • This fabric has great elasticity and does not wrinkle
  • Slim Fit : slim fit for a modern look
  • Comfortable and flexible (no friction)
  • Original Pokémon design in 3D digital printing
  • Composition: polyester and organic cotton with extra long fibers

Refer to the size guide above to find the Pokemon shirt Absol that matches your measurements. 1 size above is a guarantee of safety.