Bobbi Boss Afrelle Kanekalon King Braiding Hair

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    • Bobbi Boss King Braid | Soft & Silky 100% Afrelle by Kanekalon.
    • Experience the superior difference in look, movement and feel.
    • The royal choice for 100% Kanekalon braiding hair.
    • 90 grams of luxuriously soft and silky Afrelle texture.
    • Smooth and gentle on fingers for effortless braiding.
    • Non-flammable fibers with unparalleled elasticity.

    Styling tips for curls: Lightly apply an oil or conditioning treatment on the braiding hair. Wrap sections of hair around a perm or flexi rod and secure the ends. Dip the rod into hot water. Be careful not to burn your fingers. Remove the rod, pat dry with a towel, and let cool. Carefully unravel the rod and enjoy your new curls!