Bobbi Boss Feather Tip | Pre-Stretched Braid Hair 54"

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It's time to take the hassle out of braiding. Meet the latest installment in pre-stretched braiding: The Bobbi Boss Feather Tip! With our amazingly realistic style and luxurious strands, you'll be able to get that flawless look without pulling your hair for hours. Skip the prep work and let our ultra-soft, thin fibers glide through your strands for an absolutely beautiful finish with no knots or tangles left behind. You can even braid while wet, so if you're thinking about throwing on a top knot tonight before heading out with friends don't worry—our feather tips are designed to hold up under heat settings and keep things from unravelling.

  • Bobbi Boss Kanekalon Feather Tip | Pre-Feathered Braid
  • Special 2-Toned Colors Available. Ombre Braiding Hair.
  • Pre-Pulled & Pre-Stretched | No need to pull and stretch for hours!
  • Skip the prep and get the most realistic, natural finish
  • Natural & Sleek Tip Finish
  • Ultra Soft, Thin, and Lightweight Fibers
  • Ideal for creating styles with hot water setting
  • Pre-feathered tips prevent twists & braids from unraveling
  • 100% Afrelle by Kanekalon
  • Net Weight: 3 oz. or 85 g. | 54 inches long