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A Bulbasaur lego

Get this Bulbasaur lego and complete your collection of Pokemon nanoblocks to distract you and embellish your room like a powerful trainer.

Perfect for Pokemon players who love the Kanto plant starter.

The Bulbasaur lego looks like a small squatting dinosaur which walks on four legs and which has a large bulb on the back on which it is possible to shoot seeds.

He also has large red eyes and very sharp teeth.

His skin is light turquoise in color with dark green spots.

It has three claws on all four legs.

Its most notable feature, however, is the aforementioned bulb on its back, which was planted at birth.

Characteristics of this lego

  • Small Lego type Nanoblock
  • Compatible with classic Lego
  • Original design from the Pokémon universe
  • Not suitable for young children

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