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A Caterpie lego

Get this Caterpie lego and expand your collection of Pokemon nanoblocks to have fun and beautify your room like a real trainer.

Ideal for players in the Pokemon universe who are passionate about Caterpie

This Caterpie lego is a worm-like Pokemon, predominantly green in color with a beige underside. Just below her head are four tiny legs that are used only for mobility.

A red “Y” shaped antenna can be used to generate an odor used in self defense, in case something tries to hurt it.

The Poke Ball is the most important of the Poke Balls in the Pokemon saga.

It has a red top, a white background and a horizontal black ring surrounding the ball.

Characteristics of this lego

  • Small Lego type Nanoblock
  • Compatible with classic Lego
  • Original design from the Pokemon universe
  • Not suitable for young children

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