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The Pokémon badges of the Hoenn region

Bring back the Pokémon champion that lies dormant in you through this magnificent set of 8 arena badges of the 3rd generation from the Hoenn region in the Ruby and Sapphire versions. Perfect to accompany a disguise or to complete your collection at home.

How do I get Hoenn's badges?

  1. Roxanne gives you the Rock badge in Circhester after defeating her Roche-type team.
  2. The Fighting badge is given to you by Bastien against his combat-type team in Myokara.
  3. Voltère is the champion who gives you the Dynamo badge in Mauville City after beating his Pokemon type electrik.
  4. The Heat badge is obtained in Lavaridge Town by facing Adriane and her fire-type team.
  5. Norman gives you the Balance badge at Petalburg City if you get to the end of his normal type Pokémon.
  6. The Feather badge is given to you by Alizée at Fortree City if you win against his theft type.
  7. Lévy and Tatia give you the Mind badge in Mossdeep City when you beat them as a duo with their psychiatric team.
  8. The Rain badge is obtained at Sootopolis City by beating the water team of Marc or Juan.

Characteristics of these badges

  • Metal badges in the form of pins
  • Original design inspired by Pokémon arenas
  • Trainer box included (4.7 in x 6.3 in)

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