It's A Wig! Synthetic Full Wig - Pin Curl 202

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  • It's A Wig! Synthetic Full Wig - Pin Curl 202
  • Full wig with side part
  • 5G True HD Transparent Lace
  • Iron Friendly Safe Up To  350° - 400°F
  • Color Shown: HS3240, 3S/HONEY GOLD, 1 JET BLACK, SCARLET


  1. Detangle the hair before wash.
  2. Soak the wig using mild conditioning shampoo.
  3. Gently swish the hair and avoid pulling or rubbing.
  4. condition & Rinse by letting water run through. 
  5. Pat dry access water.
  6. Gently finger brush and lay hair on flat surface to dry.
  7. Dry naturally or use blow dryer with diffuser.


  1. For Curly wigs Hair-Net maybe placed during air drying.
  2. Do not sleep on wet Hair.
  3. Use curling or flat iron only when hair is completely dry
  4. Use wide toothed comb for Waves and Paddles brush for Straight.