Jigglypuff slippers

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Jigglypuff slippers from the adorable Jigglypuff

Warm up this winter by putting on this pair of Jigglypuff slippers as soft as they are stylish and wear them like a real Pokémon champion.

Ideal for enthusiasts who are passionate about the idea of ​​having their favorite partner with them as slippers in the house.

Without a doubt one of the cutest Pokémon, these Jigglypuff slippers faithfully reproduce the appearance of this round companion, with big blue eyes and a pink body.

Be careful not to upset him when he sings you a lullaby or you could wake up with traces of felt on your face!

Characteristics of these slippers

  • One size : suitable for sizes 5.5 in to 9 in
  • Grippy sole that protects against falls
  • Plush model with original Pokemon design
  • Organic cotton slipper for more softness

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