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A Jolteon plush toy for endless hugs 

What could be more cute than a Pokemon plush to serve as a cuddly toy?

Represented with particularly cute shapes, this Jolteon plush toy will be an ideal companion to accompany your baby's sleep.

His big ears, his white collar and the peaks that are on his entirely yellow body will stimulate his awakening and develop his imagination.

Are you a parent and fan of Pokemon? Do you want the best comforter for your child? Or do you just want to buy a plush to decorate your room?

Then this Jolteon plush toy will suit you perfectly.

Characteristics of this plush

  • Jolteon plush toy of quality and original
  • Made of polyester for more softness
  • Anti-allergen for safe hugs
  • Pokemon plush size: 7.9 in
  • Ideal for decorating or cuddling

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