Mega slowbro pikachu plush

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A Pikachu plush disguised as a Mega Slowbro

Are you a fan of Slowbro and its funny air and its psychic powers in the Pokemon arena? Looking for a Pokemon Plush with the image of Pikachu ? Are you a trainer passionate about mega evolutions? So fall for this magnificent Mega slowbro pikachu plush

Our favorite electric Pokemon has taken as its model the mega evolution of Slowbro and wishes to wear its big pink ears and its famous crunchy shell. Adopt it now to let him know how much you like his disguise.

Characteristics of this plush

  • Pikachu plush of quality and original
  • Made of polyester for more softness
  • Anti-allergen for safe hugs
  • Size of your choice: 7.9 in to 11.8 in
  • Available with open or closed mouth
  • Ideal for decorating or collecting

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