Mini pikachu plush

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Melt for this cute Mini pikachu plush

What could be more cute than a Pikachu plush to decorate your home? A mini Pikachu Plush with a big smile, what a question!

If you are a fan of our little electric mouse and you love small stuffed animals, then this is the one for you.

Spreading your arms wide, this Pokemon plush invites you to give him a big hug for his greatest happiness, and yours.

Let yourself be tempted by its adorable look and its small brown scarf: you will not be able to do without this mini Pikachu plush . Adopt it now!

Characteristics of this plush

  • Mini Pikachu Plush of quality and original
  • Made of polyester for more softness
  • Anti-allergen for safe hugs
  • Pokemon plush size: 5.1 in
  • Ideal for decorating or cuddling

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