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A Moltres shirt

Are you looking for a colorful shirt to highlight your passion for Pokemon ? Do you love Moltres and want to wear it everyday?

Then this Moltres shirt is what you need.

Representing Moltres, the legendary Pokemon of fire type, symbol of the Valor team, this garment gives off a feeling of burning power which will make you a real trainer Pokemon, committed to his team and ready to do anything for the Valor victory.

Moltres shirt flocked in the colors of Pokemon.

Made for a complete design, optimal comfort and a fitted cut.

Characteristics of this Pokemon shirt Moltres

  • High weight : quality t-shirt for sustainable use
  • This fabric has great elasticity and does not wrinkle
  • Slim Fit : slim fit for a modern look
  • Comfortable and flexible (no friction)
  • Original Pokemon design in 3D digital printing
  • Composition: polyester and organic cotton with extra long fibers

Refer to the size guide above to find the Moltres shirt that matches your measurements. 1 size above is a guarantee of safety.