Pokemon bulbasaur hoodie

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A Pokemon bulbasaur hoodie representing Bulbasaur

Proudly wear this Pokemon bulbasaur hoodie with the image of Bulbasaur, the most famous starter plant. Are you looking for a hoodie to highlight your passion for Pokemon and your love for adventure in the Kanto region? Then this one is for you.

High quality Pokemon bulbasaur hoodie flocked in the colors of Pokemon. Made for a complete design, optimal comfort and a fitted cut.

Characteristics of this hoodie

  • Hoodie Japanese style : ideal all year round and in all weathers
  • This fabric has great elasticity and does not wrinkle
  • Adjusted : close-fitting cut for a modern look
  • Original Pokemon design in 3D digital printing
  • Composition: polyester and organic cotton with extra long fibers

Refer to the size guide above to find the Pokemon hoodie Bulbasaur that matches your body measurements. 1 size above is a guarantee of safety.