Pokemon charizard lego

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A Pokemon charizard lego

Buy this Pokemon charizard lego and expand your collection of Pokemon nanoblocks to have fun and embellish your room like a real champion.

Ideal for Pokemon license enthusiasts who are passionate about the fire dragon.

The Pokemon charizard lego is a large dragon-like Pokemon that differs greatly from its pre-evolved form.

His red skin color is no longer apparent, because Charizard seems to have returned to the orange / yellow color of Charmeleon.

The single horn that was on the back of the head is now two, one on each side.

The most notable difference between him and his pre-evolved forms is the large wings that have grown on his back, which gives the Pokemon charizard lego the ability to fly, so please, keep your windows closed!

Characteristics of this lego

  • Small Lego type Nanoblock
  • Compatible with classic Lego
  • Original design from the Pokémon universe
  • Not suitable for young children

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