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A Pokemon eevee lego

Purchase this Pokemon eevee lego and grow your collection of Pokémon nanoblocks to distract and decorate your room like a real trainer.

Ideal for fans of the Pokemon world who love Eevee

The Pokemon eevee lego is a small creature resembling a fennec fox and a mammal with a brown and bushy fur.

Its snout is blunt and feline, with a small black triangular nose. It has a fluffy, cream-colored mane around the neck and a short, bushy tail with a cream tip.

The Pokemon eevee lego has round, dark brown eyes, long rabbit-shaped ears and pink leg pads on the feet.

Its legs are small with three toes and no visible claws.

In his shiney form, he has white fur instead of brown.

Characteristics of this lego

  • Small Lego type Nanoblock
  • Compatible with classic Lego
  • Original design from the Pokemon universe
  • Not suitable for young children

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