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Jessie and Wobbuffet

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A Pokemon figure from Team Rocket

They are back to play a trick on you! Members of the most iconic villain team within Pokemon, this Team Rocket figure represents Jessie and Wobbuffet taking the break when they enter the scene.

Jessie is the leader of the duet with James, easily recognizable with her long red haircut that ends in a spiral. Wobbuffet remains a misunderstood Pokemon that spends more time making its opponents laugh than actually helping its companions.

Ideal for all fans of this secret organization, this Pokemon Team Rocket figure will decorate your interior and complete your collection by bringing a touch of humor to your home.

Characteristics of the Pokemon figure Jessie and Wobbuffet

  • Ideal to complete your collection
  • Quality figure, precision finishes
  • Perfect gift for a Pokemon fan
  • Size: 5.5 in

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