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Gary Oak

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A figure of Gary Oak and Eevee

Are you looking for a Pokemon figure that highlights one of the most emblematic characters of the whole series to give your interior the style it deserves? Then the Gary Oak figure is exactly what you need!

Grandson of Professor Oak, this trainer is by nature Ash's undisputed rival since the start of his Pokemon adventure. Talented in combat, he excels in the arena thanks to his fine analytical skills and the creation of a complete and balanced team.

Recognizable thanks to its special purple clothes and its spiky haircut, the Gary Oak figure also features Evoli, the starter Pokemon of this trainer who received it at Bourg-Palette of his grandfather at the age of 10 and who never left him until he became champion of the league.

What embellish your interior with a real symbol of work and perseverance in the image of your favorite characters.

Characteristics of the Pokemon figure Gary Oak

  • Ideal to complete your collection
  • Quality figure, precision finishes
  • Perfect gift for a Pokemon fan
  • Size: 7.9 in

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