Pokemon pikachu lego

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A Pokemon pikachu lego

Buy this Pokemon pikachu lego and grow your collection of Pokemon nanoblocks to have fun and embellish your room like a real champion. Ideal for Pokemon license enthusiasts who love Pikachu

The Pokemon pikachu lego is one of the Pokemon species and is completely covered with yellow fur.

It is an extremely cute rodent with long yellow ears and black tips.

The back of a pikachu has two brown bands and its large tail is remarkable for having the shape of a lightning.

On his cheeks, two red bags in the shape of a circle are used to store electricity.

They turn yellow and generate electricity when they are about to use an electrical attack such as Thunderbolt.

It is also known to generate small surges of electrical energy in the form of anger or protection, so be careful when you build it!

Characteristics of this lego

  • Small Lego type Nanoblock
  • Compatible with classic Lego
  • Original design from the Pokemon universe
  • Not suitable for young children

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