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Pikachu in Ho-Oh

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A Pikachu plush disguised as Ho-Oh

It looks like Pikachu dreams of becoming a legendary Pokemon by disguising himself as Ho-Oh. Recognizable thanks to its phoenix-like appearance and its shimmering colors, this Pokemon is one of the most legendary of Johto's Pokedex. Composed of many details, this Pikachu plush of Ho-oh will perfectly decorate the house of any trainer.

Want to enjoy a Pokemon plush which combines the beauty of a Pokemon rainbow flight with the cute appearance of Pikachu ? Then this Pikachu plush is made for you!

Characteristics of this Pokemon plush Pikachu in Ho-Oh

  • Pikachu plush of quality and original
  • Made of polyester for more softness
  • Anti-allergen for safe hugs
  • Size of your choice: 7.9 in to 11.8 in
  • Available with closed or open mouth
  • Ideal for decorating or collecting

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