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Slippers from your favorite Pokemon

What could be more satisfying than going home and putting on a pair of soft and comfortable slippers after a long day at work? If you are a Pokemon fan and looking for new slippers, then the Pokemon slippers are exactly what you need!

Illustrated in the image of your favorite characters, this pair of shoe horns highlights Pikachu alongside his Pokemon friends. You will be able to find Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, but also their final evolutions Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise. In addition, many other starters are appearing on these festive shoes through Mudkip, Treecko, Totodile or Torchic. Something to delight the trainer who lies dormant in you thanks to Pokemon slippers which will immerse you in your adventures up to the league.

Made from organic cotton fiber, the Pokemon slippers are particularly soft and comfortable to wear. Ideal for keeping feet warm, they will be a daily partner to face the winter cold and thus avoid you falling ill while covering yourself. Their cut makes them as easy to put on as to take off, which makes your life easier when you wake up or go to bed after a long day of effort.

Designed to match both men and women, the sizes of this pair of slippers range from 5.5 in to 9.5 in . Whatever your size or age, you can find the model that suits you and thus complete your wardrobe with slippers in the image of your favorite heroes.

You will understand, the Pokemon slippers are an ideal accessory for fans who want to stay warm inside their house by covering their feet. Order yours now to take advantage of it as quickly as possible: comfort guaranteed!

Characteristics of Pokemon slippers

  • Sizes : suitable for sizes 5.5 in to 9.5 in
  • Grippy sole that protects against falls
  • Original Pokemon design in 3D printing
  • Organic cotton slippers for more softness

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