Team flare pikachu plush

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Fight against Team Flare with this Team flare pikachu plush

This Pikachu plush has infiltrated the ranks of Team Flare. Help your favorite Pokémon thwart their plans!

The Flare team is a criminal organization from Kalos which seeks to "Create a beautiful and better world" by destroying everything that it doesn't like. Led by Lysandre, its members do not hesitate to attack Pokemon trainers to achieve their goal.

It seems that Pikachu seems to have disguised himself as a Flare member in order to counter the plans of this group of criminals.

Dressed in typical Team Flare attire, this Pokemon plush is recognizable by the orange color she wears, her typical pair of glasses and the orange F printed on her clothes.

Do you like Pikachu ? Do you like to do good around you? Looking for an original Pokemon plush ? So adopt this Team flare pikachu plush now and help him in his mission!

Characteristics of this plush

  • Pikachu plush of quality and original
  • Made of polyester for more softness
  • Anti-allergen for safe hugs
  • Size of the Pokemon plush : 7.9 in
  • Ideal for decorating or cuddling

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